About us

Meet Cam

I was born in the mountains of Colombia and made my way to Melbourne 10 years ago. When I am not capturing your love story, I am out on my bike dodging magpies. I live with Polly my one and only (she made me say that) but really, Lil, 6 and Audrey, 7 and another on the way! We all wag school to go camping together and have each had a taste of tripping on a tent rope.

I started crafting films professionally in 2015. Ideas ebbed and flowed and along the way I discovered my love of capturing well…love. And so, Love Magic Films was born. For me, the most essential part of creating your day together is to connect with you! My couples are not actors or models. They are regular folk like me. Together we create something special.

Capturing you

At LMF we produce films influenced by cinematic techniques, an art of crafting your story and a love of love. You be you and we capture your magic imbued in the day you will remember forever. Let’s do this!

A meeting over a coffee or drink? Good idea! Tell me your story, and let's create something amazing together.

Let's make a love magic film

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